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Knitted Fabric Types
发布时间:2018-12-19 11:06
Knitted fabric A. Weft Knitted Fabrics Jersey Padding Fabric: Full Yarn Label Flannel: embossed flannel, jacquard flannel, printed flannel, fine flannel, thin flannel, Thick flannel Towel Fabric: Single-sided Towel Fabric, Double-sided Towel Fabric, Jacquard Towel Fabric Jacquard Plaid towel velvet fabric Ribbon Fabrics: Swiss Ribbon, French Ribbon, 1*1 Ribbon, 2*2 Ribbon Cotton wool cloth: needle-drawing cotton wool cloth Pearl mesh french terry Colored knitted fabrics: elastic pineapple cloth, thousand birds jacquard B. Warp Knitted Fabrics Polyester warp knitting: warp knitted golden velvet with gold edge velvet warp knitted napped fabric Warp knitted mesh Warp knitted velvet fabric: warp knitted velvet and warp knitted dyed velvet warp knitted terry fabric warp knitted jacquard fabric