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Product Introduction:

EVA Laminate Machine Details

Key Parts:

Motor-4KW+1.5KW+1.5KW                 SIEMENS

Frequency Transformer 4KW+1.5KW+1.5KW  MITSUBISHI

Main Parts:

Contactor             Taiwan SHIHLIN

Knob                    Taiwan TEND

Switch                 Taiwan SHIHLIN

Machine Frame: it was welded by #12 channel steel.

Heating Drum Width: 1800mm 

Effective Width:1650mm

The machine speed is 1000-1200m/hour

Heating Drum Height: 1500mm

Electrical Components: control panel from China CHINT, switch apparatus from SHSL.

Speed Control: transducer control it, 4KW+1.5KW

Transducer is 2P

Glue Roller Scraper Blade: copper blade or steel blade

Space: 6.2*2.6*2.5 meters (L*W*H)

Voltage: 380V /220V Total Power 47.5KW

Total Weight is 3600kg

Equipement of EVA Laminate Machine


Laminated EVA


Eva Laminate Fabric Theory

2a .png

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