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Ultrasonic  Embroidery Machine For Fabrics

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Ultrasonic Embroidery Machine Applications

It can process cotton, non woven, chemical fiber, artifical leather,polyester together, final processed fabric are 

 jacket, bedding, bedspreads, sofa covers, mattresses, bed sheets.

Ultrasonic Embroidery Machine Features

1. Adopting ultrasonic technology to weld and stitch the fabrics without needle and thread.

2 High speed, strong welding strength, stable quality.

3 Roller's pattern are customizable.

4. Humanity control, easy to operate.

Ultrasonic  Embroidery Machine Photos:

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ultrasonic embroidery machine.jpg

Embroidery Machine.jpg

Final Fabrics Photos:

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Final Fabrics.jpg

Final Fabrics.jpg

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