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Product Introduction:

Fabric Laminate with Fabric Machine

Machine Usage: 

It is designed for laminating two or three layers fabrics together to become one layer fabric. This fabric lamination machine 

mostly is used in shoes, bags, car interior …etc. industries.

Advantage of this fabric lamination machine:

1. This machine operation is easy, even workers no experience, they only 6 days to study then operating machine.

2. Machine’s daily running cost is low, because this machine use cheap price water based glue as adhesive and every hour 

electricity consumption only 20kw, so machine’s total running cost is lower a lot compared with other type lamination machine.

Fabric Laminate Fabric Machine Details:

Machine Frame: it was welded by #12 channel steel.

Heating Drum Width: 1800mm

Electrical Components: control panel from China CHINT,

switch apparatus from SHSL.

Glue Roller Scraper Blade: copper blade or steel blade

Silicone Roller coating glue thickness is 6 lit, 3 pcs silicone roller.

Mesh Belt is from Shanghai, the length is 7.2 meters

The machine speed is 2400-2600m/hour

Space: 6.2*2.6*2.5 meters (L*W*H)

Voltage: 380V /220V Total Power 47.5KW

Fabric Laminate Machine Photos:

fabric lamination.jpg

 fabric lamination.jpg

fabric lamination.jpg

Final Laminated Fabrics:

lamination fabric.jpg

 laminated fabric.jpg

Application Area:

laminated fabric application product.jpg

 laminated fabric final product.jpg

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