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PTFE Film Lamination Machine

Film Lamination Machine Application:

1.PTFE Film fabric lamination machine is widely used in garments, sports products, home textile industry, military fabrics and other industries. 
2.Solvent based glue laminate fabrics, let them bonded very firmly, washable.

3.DCP with acetone let fabrics soft and hands feeling well and breathable.
4.Flm unwinding device is installed on the machine, so suede lamination machine can laminate many kinds film like bopp film, pvc film, tpu film, pu film, pet film...etc.

5.Edge cutting and absorbing device make sure the final fabrics’ edge are good, and this set device saves labor costs, increase production output.  
6 Equipped with Siemens motors, Mitsubishi transformer, Schneider electric.

Applicable fabric:

PTFE, suede,denim, cotton, wool, linen, Lycra,model,polyester, nylon,acrylic,

lambswool, knitted fabric, fleece, velvet,lace, mesh,spandex,TC, corduroy,oxford, canvas,suede,linen,terry,sponge,foam..etc.


PTFE Film+Fabric

PTFE Film+Fabric+Fabric

PTFE Film+Fabric+Film

PTFE Film+Film+Fabric

PTFE Film+Other Type Film

Film Lamination Machine Structure

1. Automatic Edge Alignment Unwinding Fabric Device

2. Glue Dot Transfer Device

a. Main Glue Wheel Glue Roller Dia. 240mm (28 mesh lozenge)

3. Laminating-Heating Device

a.Main Heating Roller dia. 1500*2000mm (30pcs heating tube, each tube power is 1.5kw)

4. Water-Cooling Device

5. Traction Equipment

6. Winding Device

7. Unwinding Device

8. Electrical System

Spare Parts Information:


2. Mitsubishi Frequency Transformer  

3. Schneider Electronic Components

4. OMRON Central Relay

5. OMRON Overtravel-Limit Switch

Film Lamination Machine Photos:

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How to laminate Film

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