How to check what lamination machine is you want?
发布时间:2019-05-15 10:19

First you have to define the final effet of the laminated fabrics. Differet usages fabrics have different requirments on laminated fabrics.

There serveal types lamination machines in market now, water glue lamination machine's final laminated fabrics are soft, 

but it isn't laminated firmly, so this type lamination machine is be choosed to laminate carpet, car mat, car interior.

Solvent based glue lamination machine's final processed fabrics are bonded firmly, soft, washnable. So many home textile and garment fabric 

factories choose this type lamination machine.

The other one is flame lamination machine, this lamination machine normally be used to laminate car seat fabric or car interior, because now 

many auto factories have high requirment on auto interior fire-retarant.