International Dyeing&Finishing Industry Fair
发布时间:2019-05-09 16:15

Location: SNIEC,China

Time: 2019.7.17-2019.7.19


  1. Textile chemicals dyes and additives

Direct dyes, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, disperse dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes, cationic dyes, oil-soluble dye brighteners, digital printing inks, ink paint pastes, etc.;Pre and post processing aids, functional textile auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, pigment auxiliaries and biological enzymes;

2, printing and dyeing equipment and accessories

Rinsing machine, dyeing machine, pre-processing machinery, printing and dyeing finishing equipment, printing and dyeing auxiliary equipment, washing machine, dewatering machine, dryer, singeing machine, printing and dyeing general device, automatic control equipment, dye mixer, filter press, Filtration equipment, nickel mesh, pumps, valves, analytical testing instruments, etc.;

3, printing equipment and accessories

Automatic printing machine, digital printing equipment, flat/round screen printing machine, elliptical printing machine, cold transfer printing machine, heat transfer equipment drying equipment, steaming water washing equipment and spare parts;

4. Environmental protection equipment and technology

Wastewater treatment equipment, materials and complete technical solutions and energy conservation and emission reduction applications;