Qingdao International Textile Printing Fair 2019
发布时间:2019-03-18 11:33

Qingdao International Textile Printing Industry Fair 2019


Location: Qingdao Intertional Exhibition Center


Printing equipment: digital printing equipment, traditional printing equipment, automatic printing machine, flat screen printing machine, 

rotary screen printing machine, plate making equipment, drying tunnel, printing running table, heat press machine, hot stamping machine, 

digital jet printing system, computer integration Inkjet network system, dyeing and finishing equipment, etc.

Printing materials: inkjet ink, sublimation ink, thermosetting ink, water-based ink, transfer ink, paste binders, silica gel, 

hot melt adhesives, hot stamping paper, heat transfer paper and transfer paper, flocking adhesives, flocking auxiliaries, etc.

Fabric printing products: digital printing processing, heat printing printing products, flocking printing products,etc.

Knitting machinery: large circular machine, jacquard machine, hosiery machine, computerized flat knitting machine, etc.;

Dyeing and finishing machinery: dyeing equipment, pre-treatment equipment, finishing equipment, printing and dyeing machinery parts, etc.;

Weaving machinery: webbing machine, trademark machine, rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom, warping machine, cloth inspection and rolling machine, etc.;