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Product Introduction:

Fabrics, Cloth, Textile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Function:

This machine can weld serveal layers fabrics together, mainly making sleeping bags, space jacket, 

bedding, bedspreads, sofa covers, mattresses, bed sheets..etc.

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Features:

1. Change the traditional processing technology with tread and needles, using of ultrasound wireless quilting to improve fabrics quality; 
2. Machine can use different patterns molds, lower your cost; 

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Photos:

ultrasonic sewing machine .jpg

ultrasonic sewing machine .jpg

ultrasonic sewing machine .jpg

Final Sewed Fabric:

Final Sewed Fabric.jpg

Final Sewed Fabric.jpg

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