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Traveling Head Cutting Press Machine

This travelling head cutting press machine can cut below items.

  • Automotive interior

  • Abrasives, abrasive paper

  • Leather and leathergoods – shoe uppers, wallets, purses, belts

  • Clothing – components for hats, ties, collars, shoulder pads

  • Cork gaskets and mats

  • Foam and sponge 

  • Footwear components – shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps

  • Rubber – gaskets, seals, washers

  • Textiles – sample swatches and pattern books, underwear and outerwear components, hats, ties

  • Toys – soft toys, advertising novelties, mini jig-saw puzzles, etc.


1. Traveling head cutting press machine is used for the cutting of all kinds of small knife molds for leather,

 shoes(sole,insole,shoe-pad,upper of the shoe), cloth, masks, toys, etc. in the industry, and is suitable for large-scale cutting factory operations.

2, Double oil cylinders, precision four-column auto-balancing link structure,which can guarantee uniform cutting depth of each cutting position.

3. The input and output of the material are conveyed on the conveyor belt, and the die cutting of the material is also automatically performed on the conveyor belt.

4. The device with cutting board and fixed mold makes the operation more convenient.

5. Special specifications of the product can be customized.

6.Travelling head can rotate freely in any angle of 360°.





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