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Product Introduction:

Flame Lamination Machine For Fabrics


Flame Lamination Machine Usage:

Using fire to burn flame-retardant foam's surface, this type fabric surface will be very sticky after fired, so it can 

laminate other type fabric, then pressing roller press these two layers fabrics together, you can get the final 

flame-retardant laminated fabrics. The finished fabrics are been widely used in car industry, for example car seat, 

car interior, or some home textile products like carpet.

Flame Lamination Machine Photos:


Flame Lamination Machine Back Side:


Flame Lamination Machine Key Part-Flame Panel


Flame Lamination Theory

Flame theory.jpg

Flame Lamination Fabric:

Flame working.jpg

Finished Flame Laminated Fabrics:


Flame Laminated Fabrics Application:


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