CAMX 2019
发布时间:2019-02-01 11:02


Address: Anaheim Convention Center


Raw materials and auxiliary materials: polymers, chemical fibers, special fibers, adhesives, foaming materials, coatings, additives, masterbatches;

Raw materials: resin, fiber, additives and improvers, fillers

Intermediate products: sheet molding compound, dough molding compound, prepreg, lining, thermoplastic chopped fiber reinforced plastic, reinforced pellets, molded parts

Semi-finished and finished products: profiles, pipes, cast products, sheets, wood-plastic composites, molded composites, super multi-coated prepregs, lining materials, glass mat reinforced thermoplastics, granular materials, etc.

Products: involved in chemical anti-corrosion, boat, electrical and electronic, construction, aerospace, automotive, home appliances and commodity equipment, sporting goods and other applications

Molding process and equipment: pressing, molding, casting, extrusion, injection molding, lamination, pultrusion, coil forming, winding forming, resin transfer molding, injection molding, vacuum infusion