Saigontex 2019
发布时间:2018-12-02 10:06



Exhibition range:

  Textile machinery and parts: knitting machinery and accessories; spinning machines; shuttle looms and shuttleless looms; chemical fiber machinery and equipment;  hosiery machines, rapier looms; wool, silk, hemp, cotton textile machine; printing machine; jacquard machine; bleaching and dyeing machinery; textile and textile storage equipment; instruments and equipment; spindle bearings; silk reeling machine and coil; air conditioning, humidification, isolation system; processing and finishing equipment, fabric lamination machine .

Clothing machinery and parts: ironing, folding, packaging machinery; embroidery machinery; sewing machinery; accessories machinery; quilting machinery;

 dyeing and finishing machinery; cutting tools; CAD / CAM systems.

Fabric: fiber, monofilament and raw materials: cellulose and finished products, rayon, cotton wool, ramie linen, nylon, polyester fiber,  leather, synthetic materials, woven/knitted fabrics, etc.

Fabric: bed linen, quilt cover, blanket, tablecloth, upholstery, kitchen woven fabric, upholstery fabric, wall decoration

Accessories: belts, buttons, needlework, embroidery, synthetic diamond accessories, ribbons, badges, buttons, rubber trim, buttons, zippers, beads, lace, shoulder pads, etc. Other: printing and dyeing, wool, quality inspection, cost management