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Date: 2019.5.15-2019.5.17

Location:Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre


Roll Non-woven(according to production process)

Spunbonding (including SM, SMS, SMMS, etc.), thermal lamination, spunlace, melt-blown, air-flow drying paper,

chemical lamination, needling, etc. wet process, lamination and other netting methods.

Nonwovens (by application)
Medical health, filtration and separation, geotechnical and construction, transportation and other applications,

including: abrasives, agriculture/horticulture, automotive, automotive filters, automotive interiors, civil engineering/

geotextiles, laminated materials (including reinforcement materials), power electronics, fuel cells,

cable wrapping, fabrics and garment lining cloth, family decoration, interior decoration, wall, table and bedding,

carpet, furniture, other useage.

Disposable sanitary products

Hygienic products (sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, menstrual pants, tampons, breast pads); baby diapers, adult

incontinence products, pet hygiene products, dry and wet wipes, facial mask, etc.

Disposable medical supplies
Surgical clothes, surgical sheeting, nursing pads, inspection pads, etc.

Living paper

Base paper, lining paper, toilet paper, tissue paper, toilet paper, kitchen paper towel.

Raw material
Hot melt adhesives, adhesives, latex, foam materials, chemicals, fibers and filaments, films, perforated membranes,

elastic films, pulp, fluff pulp, polymer chips and particles, high absorbent resins, surface treatment chemicals,

tapes, elastic belts, magic buckles, release paper (film), and others.

Mechanical Equipment

Non-woven material production machinery, forming preparation machinery, netting equipment, netting machinery,

forming and drying equipment, slitting machine and rewinding machine, post-processing equipment, other non-woven material

production equipment and accessories, processing equipment for absorbent sanitary products, wet towel processing equipment,

daily paper processing equipment, coating and laminating equipment, Prefabricated diapers core equipment, hot melt glue machine,

ultrasonic machinery, other machinery.

Packaging and Warehousing Logistics Equipment

Packing Machine, Packing Machine, Bagging Machine, Strapping Machine, Packing Machine, Stereo Automatic Storage, Manipulator, Robot